bMediation network

bMediation is the creation of creative thinkers who are developing a new approach to dispute resolution. The bMediation network was created to energise the exchanging of knowledge and experience between dispute resolution professionals.

By becoming a member of the bMediation network you are supporting the development of mediation in commercial and social matters. The bMediation network:

  • is active in developing the Belgian and European legal framework for mediation
  • promotes mediation to companies and public administrations
  • is a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences
  • facilitates contacts between mediators and customers
  • ethically supports bMediation certified mediators and makes available to them a collection of tools that are useful to their profession

The bMediation network is open to individuals, organisations, public authorities and law offices who undertake to see an effective and constructive solution to disputes. Today the network has over 100 members.

Email us and become a member of the bMediation network as an individual or as an organisation. Consult our list of certified bMediators.

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