Mission statement

bMediation's mission is to promote and develop non-judicial methods of dispute resolution.

We advise the parties involved in a dispute on the possible methods for resolving their disputes. Legal proceedings are often not the optimum solution for resolving a dispute. We analyse the needs before proposing a mediation, an arbitration or other innovative solutions for the resolution of disagreements. In order to receive legal advice, we advise you to contact a lawyer.

We rigorously manage the mediation procedures while taking your needs into account. Our certified mediators are competent and qualified. They adhere to the bMediation code of ethics and comply with the rules of mediation. We carry out monitoring of the mediation and regularly re-evaluate our procedures in order to offer the best standards of quality.

We offer a wide variety of training centred on the prevention and non-judicial resolution of conflicts. The success of our mediation training and continuous training module which provides a route to mediator accreditation has made us the Belgian leader.

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