Accreditation and Certification

There are different accreditation options: that of the Federal Mediation Commission and that of bMediation.

bMediation certification

bMediation certification is necessary to be part of the bMediation group of mediators. To obtain this bMediation certification, the mediator has to have successfully undergone mediator training and in certain cases take an exam. The mediator also has to be part of the bMediation network and contribute to the organisation's objectives.

Federal Mediation Commission accreditation

The Federal Mediation Commission is the competent authority for accrediting mediators. Accredited mediators have to meet strict conditions that guarantee their quality. This accreditation is not obligatory in order to work as a mediator but comprises certain advantages:

  • The mediation agreements concluded with the help of an accredited mediator can be approved by a judge.
  • Accredited mediators can undertake court-ordered mediation.
  • The federal authority grants legal assistance, i.e. total or partial exemption from the payment of mediation, to people who have insufficient incomes, if the mediator is accredited.

Below you will find an inventory of the documents necessary to obtain definitive accreditation from the Federal Mediation Commission:

  • application letter 
  • CV 
  • extract of your police record, which must not be more than two months old 
  • sworn statement or professional attestation that you have not incurred disciplinary action or an administrative penalty 
  • training certificate and if necessary supplemented by documentary evidence of your mediation experience
  • copy of the diploma or certificate from the professional body certifying that you have it as well as two years of professional experience 
  • professional civil liability insurance covering the mediator activity if need be coming from the professional body 
  • adherence to the code of good conduct
  • commitment to undergo continuous training

For further information, consult the site of the Federal Mediation Commission.

Check if your mediator is accredited by the Federal Mediation Commission.

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