dreamstime_17025261The cost of a mediation are split in equal shares between each of the parties to the mediation unless otherwise agreed:

  • The administration fees for a mediation amount to €125 excluding VAT per party.
  • The first mediation session is invoiced €500 excluding VAT per party. This fee covers both the preparation of the case and the mediation session with the mediator.
  • When a second mediation session is needed, fees will be calculated on an hourly rate basis of €75/hour excluding VAT and per party.
  • Extra cost will be invoiced in equal share between each of the parties for the location of the meeting room and travel costs when applicable.
  • According to the complexity of the case, an increase of the above mentioned fees may be foreseen.

bConvince. You can also ask us to contact the other party (or the other parties) in order to try to convince them to turn to mediation. This service is billed at €150 excluding VAT, payable by the party who requests the service and will be retained by bMediation, whether or not the mediation in the end goes ahead. If a mediation does go ahead, this sum will be deducted from the mediation fees.

bMediation in partnership with the CEd offers mediation services at reduced fee for companies in difficulty estalished in the Brussels Region. More information available on the CEd website or in this folder (available in French version only).

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