Our mediators

The mediator primarily works on the needs and the expectations of the parties and does not express an opinion on the root of the problem.

dreamstime_17843751bMediation works with the best mediators who are all qualified and bMediation certified. They subscribe to a code of ethics and to bMediation's rules. We have a group of over 100 skilled mediators. They combine their knowledge of mediation techniques and experienced in the field.

Code of ethics   
This code comprises the ethics rules that BBMC mediators have undertaken to follow. These are, among other things, confidentiality, impartiality, etc.

Mediation rules  
This document defines the rules applicable to the selection of the mediator and the BBMC's role but it also includes the obligations that fall to the different parties during a mediation such as adherence to good faith, professional secrecy, confidentiality, impartiality, etc.

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