bMediation is a training center for civil and commercial mediation approved by
the Federal Mediation Commission.

Our training courses:

Basic and specific training

Become a civil and commercial mediator in 12 days spread over 5 to 6 months of training.

Permanent training

Retain your certification by following additional training at bMediation.

  • Praktijkworkshops met casestudy’s over bemiddelen en collaboratief onderhandelen – Leden: € 580 excl. btw / niet-leden: € 640 excl. btw
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  • 6 novembre 2018 – Vous êtes négociateur à l’ONU. Serez-vous capable de conclure un accord ?– Membre : 90€ htva / non membre : 120€
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  • 14 et 21 novembre 2018 – Poser les bonnes questions en médiation – Membre : 250€ htva / non membre : 350€
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  • 23 november 2018 – Communicatie en beïnvloedingstechnieken voor bemiddelaars (Antwerpen) – Leden: € 90 excl. btw / niet-leden: € 120 excl. btw
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  • 29 november 2018 – ABC van bemiddeling – Leden: € 250 excl. btw / niet-leden: € 350 excl. btw
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  • 18 december 2018 – Communicatie en beïnvloedingstechnieken voor bemiddelaars (Brussel) – Leden: € 90 excl. btw / niet-leden: € 120 excl. btw
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  • 12 et 26 mars 2019 – Ni éponge, ni autruche : se protéger et prendre du recul – Membre : 580 euros htva / non membre : 640€


You can currently benefit from the assistance of :
- the Brussels Capital Region
- the KMO Portfolio.

The bMediator label

Being a certified mediator is a guarantee of quality!

The Federal Mediation Commission on the one hand and bMediation on the other hand

bMediation certification

bMediation certification is necessary to be part of the bMediation group of mediators. To obtain this bMediation certification, the mediator must have followed mediator training and successfully passed the exam. The bMediator also has to be a member of the bMediation network and contribute to the organisation's objectives.

In order to issue the certification, we will request the following documents:
  • A copy of the certificates of mediation courses followed (with the number of training hours) and proof of successful passing the exam.
  • Your agreement on the bMediation certification requirements
  • The completed fact sheet
  • Proof of civil liability coverage for a minimum of 1,239,468 EUR which covers all your interventions as a mediator (for lawyers, the bar cover also covers activities as a mediator, please double check in case your bar has not subscribed to the framework policy.


> Aggregation conditions

> Code of ethics

Federal Mediation Commission accreditation
The Federal Mediation Commission is the competent authority for accrediting mediators. Accredited mediators have to meet strict conditions that guarantee their quality.

For further information, consult the site of the Federal Mediation Commission

The bMediation regulation